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AmazonBasics Surge Protector

This 4-pack surge protector from amazonbasics offers protection for up to 4 devices with its included 3-1/4-inchuity outlet. The risk of shorting out your electrical device is guaranteed by thisgreen surge protector. It comes with an easy to use and a user-friendly set-up. The 3-1/4-inchoid outlet is perfect for using an additional 2 or 3 devices at once.

Wall Tap With 2 Usb Ports
With 2 Usb Ports For Charging

3 Outlet Surge Protector with

By Amazon Basics

USD $9.90

With 2 Usb Ports White Home Office Travel

Amazon Basics 3 Outlet Surge

By AmazonBasics

USD $9.95

With 2 Usb Ports

AmazonBasics 3 Outlet Surge Protector

By AmazonBasics

USD $12.99

With 2 Usb Ports - Pack Of 4
| 4,320 Joule, 8-foot Cord
Power Strip - White

AmazonBasics MW1601 2 Pack 6-Outlet

By AmazonBasics

USD $16.50

Power Strip Black

AmazonBasics 6 Outlet Surge Protector

By AmazonBasics

USD $5.00

This amazonbasics 3 outlet surge protector with 2 usb ports is perfect for use in your home or travel amazonbasics surge protector. With its sleek design, this surge protector can power your devices for up to two hours in the open or five minutes at night.

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The amazonbasics s9nc01rb00a10 12-outlet power strip surge protector is perfect for surge protectors. This product is a 10-outlet power strip that will protect your devices from surges and fluctuations in power. With its black color, this surge protector is sure to be a stand out purchase for your device.
this 4-pack surge protector from amazonbasics offers protection against over-the-air surges and surges. The product has two usb ports for easy usage, and it offers amazonbasics to you for protection. The surge protector has a 3-year warranty.
this amazonbasics surge protector is a 6-outlet surge protector power strip 6-foot long cord 10 pack. It comes with a 6-outlet surge protector, which can protect your network from surges and noises. This surge protector is made of materials such as plastic and plastic that is lightweight and easy to move around. The 6-outlet surge protector can handle up to 10, 000 minutes of energy usage, which is a lot for a network that dimensions are 802.